Kristin loves connecting groups of people with her energetic and thought provoking talks.  She has spoken in front of  groups of difference sizes in various venues and platforms.  Most recently she has spoken at Tufts HealthCare, Massachusetts Workforce Board, Dress for Success of Hartford, General Assembly, Boston, The Armenian Heritage Park, Boston and The University of Connecticut School of Social Work.

Formats for Kristin's talks include the following.

  • Lunchtime Talks

  • Webinars

  • Keynote Addresses

  • Expert Panelist

  • Motivational Talks

KA Coach

I partner with you to create a plan consisting of short term and long term goals along with daily tasks and practices to actualize the life you desire.  

A holistic approach to coaching is taken in order to create a more meaningful connection between your personal and professional life, relationships, and

 physical, mental and spiritual health.