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Adversity Heightens Self-Awareness

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Before I get into what’s on my mind, I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and managing your days with some joy.

Before I get into what’s on my mind, I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and managing your days with some joy.

Over a month into the COVID-19 crisis we as human beings have seen devastation and grief beyond anything we could have imagined. We have also seen extreme compassion, generosity and kindness. We have felt the spectrum of emotion and at times felt more than one in the same moment. Yes, we are in a time dominated by fear and uncertainty, and yes, it is unprecedented. This does not mean we are not capable of moving through this with a greater sense of who we are and what is important to us. Or even with a greater amount of vision and success. We are creative and resourceful and when we are able to block out the outside noise and problem solve based on our values, our brilliance shines.

Our brilliance comes through when we are living based on our values. When we are able to answer, what is meaningful and purposeful? This question is more easily answered when values are first identified. Living, working and leading based on core values leads to joy and fulfillment. This is especially true during adverse times. Adversity provides the space to go deeper into authentic truths and allows for a clearer understanding of values and ultimately purpose. It is as though this time is provided to humanity to look, go, feel deeper. When things are going well, we often do not take the time for reflection. Things are good, so we leave well enough alone.

And when we are stuck in the negative, it is difficult to believe there is still good. At this point it is especially important to become more in tuned to our internal wisdom and become more self-aware. Through prayer, meditation, yoga, gratitude or other mindfulness practices we are able to build our self-awareness. These practices allow us to confidently connect with the knowing that exists within us. Blocking out the outside noise and focusing on this heightened awareness helps us move through the adversity stronger and wiser. These practices also help us to maintain our mental health. If you are like me, most days especially now I struggle to not fall back into depression or give into my anxiety. I am aware of my vulnerability and grateful for my mindfulness practices.

As we move through our current crisis, it is important that we each move at our own unique pace. Allow for self-compassion and go easy. This journey will guide us to rediscover or maybe even discover for the first time what it is that we truly value. There are no right or wrong answers. Only the answer that is true to you. There is no road map. Just a life journey waiting for us on the other side that will hopefully leave us showing up more authentic.

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