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The Spring

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

A Poem

The spring, she did come. 

As we sat in our homes. 

Controlled by the chaos, 

She did not pass us by. 

Held up her promise

And brought us the rain. 

But did not wash away

The heartache and loss. 

She brought the breeze. 

Yet, did not move death. 

The glow of the sun

Yet, left the darkness of fear. 

As the birds sang, 

The air wished us to breathe,

We remained in our place. 

The warmth it did wrap us. 

We reacted unsure, moved

Slowly, with a wobble

From the silence and chill. 

Our mother, she woke

And brought us the spring. 

Still left with uncertainty,

Heartache and sorrow. 

Brought by the endless winter-

Protector of darkness,

Keeper of lies. 

Corruption was given a life. 

And kept us from ours. 

Afraid to live full

Until the glorious day 

That comes every May. 

We honor our fallen. 

Yes, it sounds hypocritical 

To think that we care. 

Our spirits they speak

Our pride and our love

For the country that shelters

And provides for some. 

Not all are recognized 

For their value and light. 

The other exists here

And we make them unright. 

Names not all listed

In the way you would think. 

Rather color of skin, sex,

Or by gender. 

Even the name upon

Which we call God. 

All and more can cause us 

Trouble and shame for being

Born and then speaking,

I am... 

In the land of the free,

And the home of the brave. 

We create a lesser. 

Birthed from anger and greed. 

Not based on the articles

Which did found us.

For we are not righteous. 

Spring, she did come. 

And welcomed us out. 

Regardless of those,

Who try to control us. 

Nothing can stop

Waking from winter. 

We wake and remember 

That madness exists. 

And remember the day. 

We became fluent in hate

And stopped speaking love. 

We forgot what was founded. 

The reason they came. 

Yes, founded with fear 

Yet drenched in hope 

For freedom, for liberty,

And justice for all. 

Can we get better?

Ask for forgiveness? 

Something was stolen. 

Life has been stolen. 

On the day we remember. 

What brings us to fight,

The hope for better. 

The red, white and blue,

No meaning to me. 

If when the spring comes

And we waste it away. 

We came out of our homes 

As survivors declared,

Scared of the virus 

We believed still there. 

The virus we fear

It will one day go

Another will come 

And that too shall pass. 

The virus that scares me 

The one that consumes us

From birth and beyond. 

The cure has not come. 

Acceptance for dishonor,

No admittance for death,

For stealing and hatred. 

Bring us our cure. 

Understand righteousness 

And ask for forgiveness.

This is my cry. 

I beg you to hear me. 

For my words are gentle. 

The next ones, they won’t be. 

It’s been from the beginning. 

It’s time to know better. 

We all deserve the freedom

To live life with no fear. 

Come out of your homes.

Smell the spring air. 

For the air does not choke. 

Stand and shout clear,

Breathe with no scare.

We all must be woke. 

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