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Values Based Movement

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Listening to the strong words shouted from the sidelines, harsh criticism, or misguided life advice slows and confuses the mind, body and soul.

Listening to the strong words shouted from the sidelines, harsh criticism, or misguided life advice slows and confuses the mind, body and soul. Whether an athlete on a playing field, an employee presenting a proposal or a parent raising a child, the outside noise leaves the mind doubtful of the truth it has conceptualized and the body and soul questioning their knowing. Blocking out the noise in order to stay focused on your truth is a practice. In fact, it is a radical practice best guided by values based mindfulness. This level of self-awareness gives way to an exceptional level of passion, vulnerability and commitment. A passion for living your values, the vulnerability to share your values and the commitment to practice your values in all aspects of life. Whether with family and friends or co-workers and colleagues you consistently show up the same person. Your environment does not change you and more importantly the outside noise does not disrupt you from living your truth.

So, how is it possible to live in our overstimulated world and block out anything? Creating a mental, physical and spiritual separation between what is you and everything outside of you is necessary. This extraordinary level of self-awareness is beyond knowing the rules of the game, the strategies for success or a desire to win. It is the knowing that comes from a clear awareness of what defines you. The self-knowing can be difficult at times to tune into when the outer noise becomes louder than the inner voice. The constant noise can leave you disorientated, anxious, or depressed and uncertain of your direction. If you don’t know where you are going you will move awkwardly and inefficiently and lose your way. When you know where you are going you create the most direct path and go deliberately with certainty and intention.

Without this awareness it is difficult to live with authenticity and sincerity. We often become stuck and hide in our safety shapes. The idea of trusting yourself to take action can be beyond terrifying and give way to a life motivated by fear and self-doubt. It is here that story is created and the gremlin voice in your head gets cued. It is the voice that loves to tell us, “you aren’t good enough” or asks, “who do you think you are?” It becomes impossible to move with the negative lyrics of the gremlin soundtrack on repeat. The fear conjured up is epic at times. It is also extremely creative in the stories it develops and the lies it tells. If left unchallenged it will gladly rule your world. There is learning here, but self- doubt and fear can be paralyzing if we don’t take the learning and move quickly through it.

Slowing down and checking in helps to keep you moving based on your values. Taking the time to create a practice that allows you to look inward is the first step in the process of uncovering your values. It is important to know, only you can move you. Only you are able to get to your truth. Only you can find your joy and only you will know how to get there. Bottomline, the successful journey is driven by values.

Here is how to start thinking about uncovering your values in order to promote movement with deliberate intention and meaning. Start asking the following questions.

  1. What do I want more of in my life?

  2. What do I value?

  3. Think about times in your life you felt most fulfilled and ask, what was there for me in those moments?

  4. Journal your learning.

  5. Define how you are going to show up in your life based on your learning and practice it.

  6. Meditate on your values (raise your level of consciousness).

It is impossible to play full out without an awareness of your values. The desire to move needs direction, the certainty of what you are moving toward with every cell in your body engaged and all the light in your soul radiating. Learn what you value and you will move with grace, authenticity and intention. And when you run into an obstacle, fall down, get off course or lose the game you will get up because you know who you are and the reason for your movement. Ask the questions, study the answers, journal, meditate and meet the world with self-awareness and confidence.

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