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I believe as humans we are a “work in progress.” We are in a constant state of learning, becoming more self aware, expanding our boundaries and testing our limits. We fall, we get up and we go again. This is the beauty of being human.

Another beautiful characteristic of being human is getting stuck. After years of direct care practice, coaching and being stuck myself, I consider myself extremely proficient in all aspects of stuck. For the lack of a better term, I am an expert in the ways of stuck. This means I am the right person to help you get unstuck and create movement in your life. For those of you stuck on titles this would make me a “stickiness specialist.” Bring on the mess!!! I am here to walk you out of stuck into the glory of movement, knowing, consciousness and fulfillment. And with the start to spring, I am certain this is a great time for a rebirth.

A fresh start, an excuse to leave behind what we view to be mistakes, regrets, and patterns and shapes that no longer work for us. We are very quick to dismiss our actions and decisions, which lead us down a path without our desired outcome.

We judge ourselves and are harsh with our criticism before we take a deep look at what lays in the undesirable.

I say this because we are so focused on accomplishing and conquering, we forget about the journey. The incremental learning that comes from traveling the path to your greatness. Along the way you are schooled and whether you want to acknowledge that learning or not it is impacting you. The exercises in self-discovery, strengthening inner wisdom and grit bring about deep and meaningful impacts on character. We often overlook the journey especially when it does not lead us to our expected destination.

Here’s a thought, perhaps it is not about the destination, rather the journey and the learning along the way that ultimately bring the fulfillment. After all, how are we going to get to the end goal, the big win if we are not taking the time to breathe in the experiences along the way? In reality we often do not simply wake up one morning with our desires magically fulfilled. It is consistency, determination, and inner wisdom working together to move us on our journey.

Without them there is no fulfillment.

So, here’s some perspective. Rather than working on drastically changing your life, how about acknowledging the wisdom, beauty, messiness, and truth that exist in your life. If stuck, acknowledge it. Trust yourself and expand your path, bring in new challenges, add vibrancy, introduce more courage, more love, embrace your vulnerability and allow the world to see it. It is all about growing what it there and clearing the patterns and behaviors that lead to being stuck. It is about growing you, healing, and making you better, not changing you.

Introducing new ideas, new goals and new patterns is a commitment and in order to successfully do this, you must acknowledge who you are completely.

A deep honest look at who you are: your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, fears and comforts and working from this place of authenticity. Change does not happen instantly. This is where the determination and persistence come in. What coaches call the practice. Move, grow, learn, experience the adventure, laugh (especially at yourself), enjoy the ride (even the bumps) and when ready declare that you are ready to kick it up a notch.

Good luck with your practice of being you! And if you need a coach to keep you on track, I am here for you.

With love and gratitude,



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