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Is Pivoting Part of the Play?

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

I hope you are well and having some success with try to reestablishand figure things out during this adverse time.

I hope you are well and having some success with try to reestablishand figure things out during this adverse time. I know from my own experiences and from witnessing transformations with clients creating a safe space, a home base so to speak, is essential for maintaining a sense of comfort, stable mental health and personal growth while transforming. The safe space allows us to explore and stretch our wings because we know there is a safe haven to go back to if we need it. I find my comfort in movement and this is the space I find myself going to when I need to connect with my inner self. I am especially in need of my morning runs as I navigate through adversity.

Caring for the mind, body and soul is essential to optimal overall health. We need to address our needs holistically in order to advance, get better and gain wisdom. For example, physical movement is essential for mental health. When we become physically stagnant our minds also slow down and productivity and creativity are sacrificed. Basically, I have learned and sometimes in a messy way, caring for my body and moving it daily is necessary for my mental and emotional betterment. Creating practices that allow the body to absorb the intellectual and spiritual knowledge is necessary to lock in the learning with more conviction and awareness.

With this said, I have something I want to run by you. When I hear people offer ideas on how businesses are going to get through the current pandemic and these ideas limit movement, I question the effectiveness. I am specifically referring to the notion of pivoting. If you are a small business owner like me, I am certain several emails, blogs and webinars have ended up in your inbox referring to the importance of pivoting at this juncture. I find this concept to be very short sighted and limits the full potential of the business and the people who run it.

First, the emails entering my inbox are outside noise. They are a distraction to my thoughts, ideas and the innovation I want to adopt within my business. Additionally, they are offering advice without having an understanding of me or my business or the core values that guide me. Business owners completely and authentically understand their businesses and their purpose. I am choosing to keep my focus on why I started my coaching practice and the purpose and values in which it was formed rather than outside opinions that are a distraction and noise.

Staying focused on what is important and what I value as a leader is especially important now as I navigate through the next months of being a business owner. For example, if I value being of service, I will use this value to determine my next steps. Someone telling me that now is my time to work harder, find my place, determine my relevance, push through and pivot is not going to save my business. I am the one who gets to choose my pace, my relevance, how I am going to redefine my business and what play to call. We will all do this in the time that feels right with a play designed for our specific businesses. If sitting back and waiting to see how we come though this feels right, that is your answer. If continuing to redefine and restructure as we continuously change works for your business, then that is your answer.

This brings me to pivoting. When I hear the word pivot, I am immediately brought back to the offensive plays I’d execute on my high school basketball team. When you pivot in order to look for an open teammate or an open shot, one foot must remain firmly planted on the ground. If that foot moves, you are called for travelling. You have violated the rules of the game. Here’s where this term gets sticky. As a business owner, if you are choosing to move, MOVE. Do not pivot. Do not leave yourself stuck in one position questioning whether an opening exists. Find the opening and move toward it. Boldly commit to the play. Do not waste your time pivoting. Most of us do not have the resources to circle on one foot hoping to find an opening. We do have the opportunity to take a risk. The use of the word pivot does not adequately represent the restructuring, redefining or redirecting we may choose for our businesses. One foot must remain firmly planted which, limits our movement. Whether on the basketball court or in business, being limited prevents transformation. If we cannot move freely, we cannot grow and if we cannot grow there will be no surviving a crisis and certainly no increase in revenue.

I would like to offer a different perspective on maintaining, growing, or even starting a new business. If you are determined to redirect or redefine your business at this moment, do not pivot. Head toward to the hoop, find an opening and execute a resourceful and creative play that clearly defines your values and your purpose. If you are uncertain of the values in which you will lead with or the play to run, get yourself a coach. I am happy to help you deepen your awareness and strengthen your offense. Play on!

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