3 Month Program

A Look at What is Working and What is Not In Your Life


  • We will co-create a coaching relationship and methodology that will lead to your success

  • Identify Successes- what’s working/ what's not working

  • Uncover Core Values/ Priorities

  • Develop and Actualize Personal and Professional Goals

6 Month Program

Build Self- Awareness and Self- Confidence                  


  • Establish a Safe Space for Discovery 

  • Uncover Values

  • Find a Deeper Awareness of Self 

  • Increase Self-Confidence 

  • Address Stress and/ or Anxiety  

  • Create Strategies to Live Present 

  • Develop and Actualize Personal and Professional Goals 

  • Increase Productivity and Flow

  • Embrace Balanced Living



A Four-Hour Intensive                           

  • Self-Discovery- Uncover core values and create strategies to move toward being in alignment with your values at home and at work.

  • Establish Daily Practices

  • Set Goals

KA Coach

I partner with you to create a plan consisting of short term and long term goals along with daily tasks and practices to actualize the life you desire.  We look at the whole you: a meaningful understanding of the connection between personal and professional life and relationships along with physical, mental and spiritual health.