Coaching Programs

  • Establish a Safe Space for Discovery: Take risks and optimize potential in a space secured to stretch and embrace the uncomfortable and push to the next level.

  • Uncover Values: Focus inward to find out what is important in order to establish purpose and confidence.

  • Find a Deeper Awareness of Self: Identify safety shapes and address negative self- talk

  • Walk with Confidence: Increase self- awareness in order to build self-confidence and self-compassion

  • Address Stress and/ or Anxiety- Incorporate movement and mindful practices to help stabilize mood and release dopamine.

  • Create Strategies to Live Present: Recognize reactionary behaviors and implement practices to remain centered and present.

  • Develop and Actualize Personal and Professional Goals: Create daily tasks to move you toward goals.

  • Increase Productivity and Flow: Develop methods for optimal productivity.

  • Embrace Balanced Living: Create a balanced schedule including all that is important.


I partner with my clients to create a plan consisting of short term and long term goals along daily tasks and practices to actualize the life they desire.  We look at the whole person: a meaningful understanding of the connection between personal and professional life and relationships along with physical, mental and spiritual health.  

One on One Coaching

All aspects of our lives are brilliantly intertwined. When the synergy between them is acknowledged, perspectives shift and goals are accomplished with ease.  The struggle dissolves. Coaching frequency and whether it is in person, over Skype or telephone is determined based on individual client needs.

Small-Group Coaching

The support of a tribe is powerful and often yields incredible success.  This coaching is based on shared goals and intentions outlined by the group.  The group journey cultivates a bond that opens up emotional and spiritual pathways.  It is powerful and leaves individuals accountable to both their coach and other members of the group. 

Motivational Talks

Kristin's talks engage a room full of people and connect them on a human level that is based on vulnerability and compassion.  They inform, motivate and inspire her audiences to live better.  


Topics include:

  • Finding Time for Self Care

  • Walking with Confidence

  • Building Self-Awareness

  • Teens Talks to help teens gain self-awareness and self-confidence

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