The curriculum delivers an opportunity for participants to find their voices by creating a space where they can uncover what they value and what is important to them.  Learn effective communication, time and task management skills, and strategies to self- monitor and self-regulate.  The students enrolled become compassionate, empathetic change makers with a true understanding of the self- discovery process.

Participants will explore who they are as individuals, who/ what inspires them, what is important to them, what they value and where they would like to see change within their communities. Individual and group discussions, awareness building activities, journaling, exercises to connect movement with thoughts and feelings, one on one coaching along with interviewing leaders they admire establishes the foundation for the discovery process.

The BECOME team encourages and empowers the participant to take action and represent the change they want to see in the world. ​



  1. Increase self-awareness and self-confidence 

  2. Understand compassionate, mindful and values-based leadership

  3. Conceptualize the importance of community

  4. Empower change makers


  1. To provide young people with the tools to self-manage and self-regulate.

  2. To create a community for young people to gather and share ideas, learn about themselves and become empowered.

  3. To guide students through a self discovery process based on values based leadership.

  4. To teach living bold, energized, compassionate, open hearted, mindful and empowered, BECOME.

The mission of each of the workshops is to take participants on a self- discovery journey that will leave them more self-aware and more self-confident in order to show up ready to live and work BECOME- bold, energized, compassionate, open-hearted, mindful and empowered.



The BECOME Change Maker Workshop

  • Participants are guided through the principles of values based leadership

  • Learning is centered on discovering what participants value and what is important to them

  • Participants develop an understanding that they can create change in the world based on what is important to them.


The BECOME Self-Discovery Workshop

  • Participants increase self-awareness and self-confidence.

  • Learning is centered on the connection between the mind, body and heart.

  • Participants develop an understanding for what they need to show up empowered.

  • Participants become self-advocates and community advocates.



The BECOME Learner Workshop

  • Participants build an awareness for who they are as learners.

  • Learning is centered on self advocating, effective communication, creating connection within their learning communities.

  • Participants develop an understanding for how and when to use strategies to effectively self-manage and self-regulate.

The BECOME Workforce Ready Workshop

  • Participants build the self-awareness and self-confidence necessary to enter the workforce with success.

  • Learning is centered on their skills, interests and values as they determine how they will contribute to society.

  • Participants develop an understanding for how they would like to apply their authentic selves, nature talents, education, and values professionally.

BECOME Professional Development



This workshop will provide educators with the tools to engage with their students during virtual learning and learning in the new classroom environment.  It will increase their awareness of student needs and ability to meet the student where she or he is in terms of comfort and capacity to learn online and in the new classroom.  It will support the teacher to creatively engage, establish flexibility, accept the change in delivery systems, and the constant transitions occurring.  This workshop will help teachers create new best practices and allow them to engage creatively to keep their students interested, learning, and developing their social and emotional skills.



  • Participants build self-awareness and self-confidence to resourcefully and creatively  recreate teaching methods and establish new best practices.

  • Learning is centered on tools and strategies to incorporate mindfulness into teaching, creating safe learning spaces, active listening and keeping students engaged and challenged.

  • Participants develop an understanding for guiding independent and confident students, effective communication, creative engagement with students.

Bold, Energized, Compassionate, Open-hearted, Mindful, Empowered

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I learned more about communicating with others and how to make positive changes in the world.

4th Grader,
BECOME Participant

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