Leadership Workshop

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The Program Includes:

   *30 minute sessions over zoom that

 introduce ideas and exercises daily.

 *Time and task management by setting daily goals


 *Question & answer post sessions 

   * Fun & challenging daily activities that get participants outside moving and journaling.


 *Activities that heighten self-awareness and


 *Learning the principles behind embodiment and

values based leadership.

 *Create a service based community project

 *Group and individual coaching

Watch Kristin's Interview on the RizGrindRepeat Podcast for more information on BECOME.


The curriculum delivers an opportunity for students to find their voices by creating a space where they can uncover what they value and what is important to them.  The students enrolled become compassionate, empathetic change makers with a true understanding of the self- discovery process.

Participants will explore who they are as individuals, who/ what inspires them, what is important to them, what they value and where they would like to see change within their communities. Individual and group discussions, awareness building activities, exercises to connect movement with thought and emotion, one on one coaching along with interviewing leaders they admire establishes the foundation for the discovery process.

 The BECOME team encourages and empowers the participant to take action and represent the change they want to see in the world. 


  1. Increase self-awareness and self-confidence 

  2. Understand compassionate, mindful and values-based leadership

  3. Conceptualize the importance of community

  4. Empower change makers 


  1. To provide an outlet for young people looking to grow their leadership skills.

  2. To create an online community for young people to gather and share ideas, learn about themselves and become empowered.

  3. To guide students through a self discovery process based on values based leadership.

  4. To teach living bold, energized, compassionate, open hearted, mindful and empowered, BECOME.

BECOME Leaders

Kristin Asadourian, MSW




Kristin Asadourian is a personal development and  leadership coach.  Her coaching practice is strongly influenced by her work as a social worker and a community organizer, which taught her the importance of community, compassion and confidence. 


She is the founder of KA Coach, a confidence and leadership building business, the Los Angeles based arts education not for profit,  Artists for Change,  and the documentary film company, Seeroon Productions which produced the internationally recognized film, "Beginning Where the Soviet Ends: A Study of Social Work in Armenia.

Kristin leads workshops for adults and young people along with webinars and live talks. She is currently teaching her BECOME curriculum, coaching leaders and creating messes with

her two children.

Kristin earned her bachelor's degree in sociology and multicultural relations from the University of Connecticut and a master's degree

in social work from the University of Connecticut

School of Social Work. She received her co-active life coaching credential from the Coaches Training Institute and is a member of the International Coaches Federation.

Lindsay Quezada, M.Ed


















Lindsay Quezada is currently a fifth grade teacher in Weston, Massachusetts. She has had the opportunity to work with students of all ages and in a variety of settings. In addition to classroom teaching, Lindsay has led student council groups, service learning studies and initiatives, and Girls on the Run teams, as well as participated in curriculum development for both academic and social emotional learning. 


She is passionate about the social emotional well-being and development of students and centers her classroom on these principles. While her training includes practices such as Responsive Classroom, Open Circle, and the Nueva School’s Social Emotional Institute, Lindsay believes that the skills and guiding practices of BECOME access deep and integral parts of one’s ability to foster and empower leadership qualities. 


Lindsay earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education and Human Development from Boston College, and her Master of Education, focus on Moderate Special Needs education, also from Boston College.

4th Grader, BECOME Particiant

I learned more about communicating with others and how to make positive changes in the world.

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5th Grader, BECOME Participant

I learned that being a leader doesn't just mean being big and speaking out, it means that you have core values, and listening skills, you are compassionate and kind.

4th Grader,

BECOME Participant

I loved this workshop!  Thank you!  I will come back next year.

6th Grader,

BECOME Participant

BECOME is an incredible program.  We learned about core values and to really embrace the things that are important to us and that enhance the community around us.  After attending it for about two months, I was inspired to put together a fundraiser on the Town Green.  I have learned so much and highly recommend BECOME.

A Note from Lindsay and Kristin

     We  hope you and your families are well. We have certainly been living through unprecedented times that have redefined our thinking, reignited our passions, and hopefully will reshape our future. 


     Two years ago we developed BECOME to help guide young people into living more self-aware and self-confident lives.  Our main goal has been to provide participants with the tools to step out as leaders in their communities.  Over the past two years, we have led over 105 incredible students through the curriculum in after school workshops at the Field School in Weston, MA.   We believe the curriculum is even more important as we move through unprecedented times. 

     The program is a self-discovery process in which the participants learn to identify their values, become active listeners, learn to advocate for themselves and others and ultimately engage their communities as changemakers.  BECOME is social emotional learning at its best.  


     We are extremely excited to announce the BECOME Summer Leadership Program for grades 4th-9th.  It is a two week program: 5 days a week with guided journaling, physical and mental exercises, and individual coaching.  We look forward to leading participants through a fun, insightful and engaging experience.  Time on zoom is minimized in order to  maximize the time spent building awareness and connecting the learning.


Please share information about BECOME with friends and family.  

Thank you!

Warm regards,

Lindsay and Kristin