Gain Awareness & Confidence

"When you connect to the truth living inside of you, everything becomes possible, you become."

More Is Possible With A Coach

Tap into your Talents and Find your Purpose

KA Coach Will Help You:

  • Identify values

  • Build self-awareness and self-confidence

  • Create a plan for success

  • Establish accountability

  • Remove challenges

  • Break old patterns and creates new effective ones

KA Coach works with you to transform what is not working to what you desire.  We will work together to set and attain goals, address any trauma and fear in order to establish results and get you living BECOME- Bold, Energized, Compassionate, Open-hearted, Mindful and Empowered.

When you realize your power, you are unstoppable and KA Coach will get you living into your power and purpose.




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"Kristin has renewed my desire to pursue my long time dream of becoming a speaker and to share my story to help others. She said, “Don’t give anyone your power!”  In the past I have been so discouraged and now I am re-encouraged."

Julie B.

"The women absolutely loved you and your comfortable and unassuming delivery."

Joanna Samenuk

Dress for Success

"Kristin is not like any other coach or advisor I have ever worked with before. She pushes me to see my real genius, to be fearless, to step outside of myself and understand how I have everything I need to make the change in this world and myself that I aspire to do... She hears the things that I can't always yet articulate and helps me to put words around them with the confidence boost I need to lay the bricks for my path ahead."

Sara Janjigian Trifiro

  • Acquire a greater awareness of self.

  • Set and actualize goals based on increased awareness.

  • Live with courage, compassion and clarity. 


Individualized Coaching 

KA Coach conducts one on one coaching sessions with the purpose of inspiring and motiving you to live a purposeful life based on your values.  The coaching guides you to implement practices that build self-awareness and self-confidence in order to live become- bold, energized, compassionate, open-hearted, mindful, and empowered.


Group Coaching

KA Coach works with you within a group setting to deliver educational workshops and talks that heighten confidence, the ability to identify values and effectively communicate.  The focus is to get you leading and working become- bold, energized, compassionate, open-hearted, mindful, and empowered.


KA Coach works with you, the executive and/ or your  organization to increase an overall awareness and promote inclusivity, effective communication, organizational values and cultural integrity.


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