Kristin Asadourian, MSW

Executive Leadership Coach

I work with individuals and groups to help them live and work based on their values.  Together we explore core values in order to elevate awareness, confidence and effectiveness.

By utilizing co-active coaching methods, I challenge and motivate clients to live and work with purpose.


This means creating a space where clients feel safe and ready to do the work necessary to discover their purpose.  The objective is to acheive a heightened sense of awareness that will lead to a place where values are identified, truth uncovered, a clarity on how to accomplish goals and living fulfilled.


When clients tap into their authenticity and have a true understanding of their purpose they live present and joyful.

I look forward to connecting with you.

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Create a keen awareness of self, set and actualize goals and live based on values with courage, compassion and clarity .

"Kristin has renewed my desire to pursue my long time dream of becoming a speaker and to share my story to help others. She said, “Don’t give anyone your power!”  In the past I have been so discouraged and now I am re-encouraged."

- Julie B.

"The women absolutely loved you and your comfortable and unassuming delivery."

- Joanna Samenuk

  Dress for Success

"Kristin is not like any other coach or advisor I have ever worked with before. She pushes me to see my real genius, to be fearless, to step outside of myself and understand how I have everything I need to make the change in this world and myself that I aspire to do... She hears the things that I can't always yet articulate and helps me to put words around them with the confidence boost I need to lay the bricks for my path ahead."

- Sara Janjigian Trifiro


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